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With Integrity and Trustworthiness, We Focus on the Future


The HLOCF is a non-profit, volunteer organization. Our mission is to solicit funds and award grants that enrich the communities of Heron Lake and Okabena by promoting education and opportunities to create a legacy of pride and partnership. Our annual fundraising efforts include a Silent Auction, Golf Classic and Dinner Theatre. We also accept other gifts and donations. Because of our relationship with SWIF, donations are tax deductible.

About the Foundation

Thanks to you, great things have happened since the Heron Lake-Okabena Community Foundation (HLOCF) was organized in 2001.

Through fundraising events, memorials and other donations, we met our goal of raising $25,000 in 2004. Our partner, the Southwest Initiative Foundation matched these local gifts, increasing the size of our endowment fund to $50,000. We immediately started accepting grant applications from local organizations and reinvesting in our community.


Many non-profit organizations can benefit from grants awarded by HLOCF. Grant awards are announced at the Silent Auction each spring. The application deadline is January 15th of each year. Click the button below to apply. 

Donations to the HLOCF

SWIF provides the administrative 501(c)(3) infrastructure to the HLOCF. It also provides ongoing professional and technical support in areas such as fundraising, strategic planning, marketing, public relations and grant making.

Our endowment is a fund that is kept in perpetuity to provide ongoing revenue generated by the investment of principal. Or more simply put, a savings account. The principal is invested and the income is distributed to qualifying projects within the Heron Lake and Okabena communities. The endowment fund is a long-term strategy—it provides dollars now and in the future.


Planning for HLOCF began in 2001.



We now have over $225,706 in our Endowment Fund  (as of 03/31/23)

(updated 05/23/23)

March 2003
Raised $5800

March 2004
Raised $7054

March 2005
Raised $6379 
Granted $1200: $600 to TNP & $600 NHLGP

March 2006
Raised $4700 
Granted $1834: $305 to Junior Achievement, $754 to the SSC Wellness Ctr., $775 to HL Day Care

March 2007
Raised $8767 
Granted $2937: $500 to Women of Today, $1000 to HL EMT, $1437 to SWU Baseball

March 2008
Raised $6700  
Granted $4225: $325 to SSC Special Ed  Dept, $1500 to HL Library, $1200 to SSC Wellness Center, $1200 to Okabena Park and Rec.

April 2009
Raised $5119 
Granted $4348: $1000 to SSC Wellness Ctr, $1000 to SSC FFA, $1000 to SSC Learning to Give Class, $250 to HL Ecum VBS, $598 to SSC Flag Squad, $500 to ECFE

March 2010
Raised $4612 
Granted $4434: $1000 to SSC Lib, $714 to SSC Physical Ed Dept., $1500 to HLO Food Shelf, $220 to Rost 4-H, $1000 HL Public Library

March 2011
Raised $4636 
Granted $4300: $450 to SSC Elem Lib, $1000 to SSC Learning to Give Class, $650 to SSC Wellness Committee, $800 to LaCrosse 4-H, $1000 to Heron Lake Public Library, $300 to Lady Quasars BB Team, $100 to SSC Life Skills Class

March 2012
Raised $5030 
Granted $6580: $225 to Western Community Action for HL Food Shelf, $700 to SSC Art Department, $780 to SSC Elem Library, $900 to SSC Technology Dept., $975 to HL Public Library, $1000 to SSC Door Project, $2000 to HL Legion Auxiliary for Veterans’ Memorial

March 2013   
Raised $5332  
Granted $5992*: $200 to HL Community Ed Youth BB, $500 to SSC Parenting Group, $550 to TOP (Teen Outreach Program) $742 to SSC Elem Phy Ed for Skate Time, $1000 to SSC Band, $1000 to HL Public Library, $2000 to HL  Veteran’s Memorial. (*Parenting Group and Teen Outreach Grants were returned for reissue in 2014)

March 2014
Raised $5638     
Granted $8000: Okabena Leg. Aux-$3000, HL Firemen-$1500, HL EMT’S-$800, HL Pub Lib-$500, SSC Student of the Week Prog-$500, SSC Flags-$500, SSC Elem Music-$500, SSC Wellness Comm-$500, SSC High School-$200

March 2015
Raised $5991     
Granted $10230:HLO Community Ed-$320, HLO Golf-$500, HL Public Library-$1000, HLO Meals On Wheels-$1410, HL Am Legion-$1500, HL Fire Dept-$1500, HLO Math Dept-$2000, HLO Wellness Center-$2000

April 2016
Raised $6672       
Granted $10900-HLO Softball-$500, HLO Ind Tech-$550, HL Library-$750, HLO Meals on Wheels-$750, HLO Camp Foster Excursion-$850, HLO Food Service-$1000, Okabena Municipal Liquor Store-$1000, HLO Legion Baseball-$1500, Okabena Development Club-$2000, Heron Lake Legion Auxiliary-$2000.

April 2017
Raised $3925       
Granted $11150-HLO PE-$400, HLO FB-$750, LaCrosse 4-H-$800 HL Public Lib-$800, HLO Meals on Wheels-$1000, HLO Elem Lib-$1000, Okabena Legion BB-$1000. HLO FACS Dept-$1200, HLO 21st Century Classroom-$1200, HLO School Garden-$1500, HL Fire Dept-$1500

March 2018
Raised $8798    
Granted $14713-HLO Pool-$200, HLO Elem PBIS program-$1000, HLO Food Serv-$475, HLO HS PBIS-$1000, HLO FACS-$1000, HLO Athletics-$1500, Okabena Community Club Lights-$1438. HLO Public Library-$1500, Meals on Wheels-$1000, HLO Elem Library-$1000, HL EMS-$2000, HL Fire Dept-$1500, Okabena Fire Dept-$1100

March 2019
Raised $5486   
Granted $13676: HLO Summer Learning Academy-$500, HLO FCCLA-$500, HLO Volleyball      Program-$750, HLO Band-$600, Heron Lake Public Library-$1000, HL and Ok Fire Depts and HL EMS-$3000, Okabena Fire Dept-$1500, HLO Legion Baseball-$750, HLO Elem Skate Time-$740, HLO/F FB-$750, Okabena Community Club-$500 & $836, HL Ecumenical VBS-$500, HLO HS PBIS-$500, HLO Track & Field-$750, Jackson Cty Food for Kids-$500

March 2020
Raised $3304     
Granted $15730: HLOF FB-$750, HLOF Golf-$500, Ok Fire-$820, HL Fire-$1500, HLEMS-$700, HLO Robotics-$1000, HLO Band-$1100, HLOF Baseball-$400, OK Leg BB-$1000, HLO Summer Food-$500, HLO FFA-$500, HLO Wellness Ctr-$1000, HLO Gym Banners-$1000, HLO Bleachers-$1000, HL Library-$900, HLO Elem Lib-$1000, HLO Tech-$500, Ok Comm Club-$1000, OMLS-$560

March 2021
No Silent Auction Due to Covid   
Granted $12760: Jack Cty Library- $500, HLO Elem Lib-$650, HLO Ag-$610, HLOF Athletics-$1000 HLO Summer Food Prog-$500, HLO Facs-$500, HLO Ind Tech-$3000, HLO Wellness Ctr-$1500, Okabena Corner Pocket-$700, HLO FFA-$1000, Ok Comm Club-$2000, HL Lib-$800

March 2022
Raised $7965     
Granted $18460: Jack Cty Lib-$900, HLO School Lib-$1000, HLO Ag-$700, HL Pub Lib-$700, HLO Ag-$2500, HLO Robotics-$2500, HLO Ind Tech-$1800, HLO Legion BB-$1500, HLO Wellness Ctr-$1500, OLMS-$2000, HLO FCCLA-$1200, HLO Facs-$1160, Okabean Comm Club-$1000

March 2023
Raised $6576     
Granted $18500-Jack Cty Lib-$500, HL Pub Lib-$900, HL Elem Skatetime-$800, HLO FFA Greenhouse-$750, HLO FCCLA t-shirts-$500, HLO Legion Baseball-$1000, HLO Ind Tech-$750, Okabena Fire Dept-$2000, HLO Ag Dept-$500, HLO Pool-$1500, HLO Youth FB-$1000, HLOF FB-$1000, Heron Lake Fire-$2000, HLO Sports Field-$1500, HLO FACS-$500, HLO Mental Health/Prev-$1000, HLOF Golf-$800, HLO Elem Lib-$500, HLO Robotics-$1000         

TOTAL RAISED:  $118,484
GRANTS TO DATE = $168,919*

September 2004
Raised $2600

September 2005
Raised $2300

September 2006
Raised $2319

September 2007
Raised $1700

September 2008
Raised $1664

September 2009
Raised $2971

September 2010
Raised $1837

September 2011
Raised $1758

September 2012
Raised $1559

September 2013
Raised $1727

September 2014
Raised $2028

September 2015
Raised $936

September 2016
Raised $1053

September 2017
Raised $1200

September 2018  
Raised $ 1164

August 2019        
Raised $ 2586

August 2020        
Raised $0.00 (no tourney held due to covid)

August 2021        
Raised $2140

August 2022        
Raised $2188


Raised $1200

Raised  $ 580

Raised  $800

Raised  $960

Raised  $290

Raised  $1074


Mary Beth Carlson Concert—2004
Did not make any profits.  Did as service to Community.  Those of us who attended enjoyed it immensely!

Road Races:  2005, 2006, 2007
Done as service to community.  Not profit maker. 2008 was handled by HL 150th Committee

Kari Heisinger Timmer Holiday Concerts: 2011, 2012, 2013
Done as service to community.

The Heron Lake-Okabena Community Foundation is organized as an affiliate of the Southwest Initiative Foundation.

Our partner, the Southwest Initiative Foundation, provides administrative support through gift processing and receipting, grant processing, investment management, and the 501(c)(3) public charity infrastructure necessary for your gifts to receive the highest possible charitable tax deduction. We also have access to technical and professional support from Southwest Initiative Foundation in areas such as strategic planning, board development, fundraising, marketing and public relations, and grantmaking.

In return, we have established an advisory board to lead the Heron Lake-Okabena Community Foundation, raise funds to support our vision, coordinate a grant process and educate the community. We are in the driver’s seat, with Southwest Initiative Foundation supporting us every step of the way.

For more information about the Southwest Initiative Foundation, click here.